embrace-the-grain is a site dedicated to the illustrative,  stylized,  work of mitchell hartman,  a photographer,  residing in new york city. mitchell holds a bfa degree in illustration from the school of visual arts and studied photography while working as a photo-retoucher for most of nyc's advertising agencies.

 “passengers” is a modern exploration of daily life in nyc using the traditional look of the street photography genre, and presents to the viewer what is unique about the city, it’s amazing transit system. for most new yorkers, the transit system defines the contours of their lives:  it is both actually and metaphorically—the nervous system of new york , and conditions their sensibilities, with smiles, anguish, music listening, and queries of direction. nowhere else in america do citizens spend so much time underground."

"neighborhoods" is a modern look at life on the street of queens, and manhattan new york.

"nightlight" is the queens neighborhood of  jackson heights at night.

"snowstorms", is a stylized view within a ten block radius of the snows of 2016, 2017 and 2018