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EightySecondStreet is one of the main streets in Jackson Heights, and of course it's a subway stop on the 7 train. UnderTheElevated, on the corner are small street vendors, in the summer time Lemon Ice is the flavor of choice, but water and juices are also sold to quench the thirst of the NYC summer. People are friendly and eager to help you find your way down the shop-laden street.  Going West in Jackson Heights is the Indian section of the Heights...but here the main culture is Colombian, Mexican, Uruguayan, with a small smattering of Chinese. Queens is the most diverse location in the United States.


TheBiker was taken in Woodside, along Roosevelt Ave, UnderTheElevated. The picture depicts the energy and stress of living in NYC. The grittiness of the City is in full view as is the struggle and tension of survival.


Corona is predominantly a Latin Community which is in the middle of Queens. To me it's one of the most fascinating communities with a sense of neighborhood, and community, which is quickly being lost in NYC. 

This picture was taken one summer Sunday, where almost everyone was out walking about,  enjoying the warm weather UnderTheElevated. Laundry was being done, young girls were on the corner chatting and families were going to visit other family members at some of the local restaurants for the afternoon.

The 7 Train

This is the 7 train leaving Queensborough Plaza, heading toward Manhattan. The upper level is for the reverse commute. The light was from a construction site nearby, building up the Queens' community located by the East River


LIRR Overpass

This is picture was taken on the LIRR overpass, located between LIC and Sunnyside Queens. Though Queens may be a thriving,  bustling community, there are places of quiet and solitude. Of course the 7 train runs overhead, but between trains one can find solace walking all the way to Manhattan.