Fragments employs a combination of photo collage and digital technique that reenforces the question of the act of seeing as depicted in the pictures and the viewers' own act of looking at the act or process of seeing.  Fragments deals into the scanned vision, where the eye sees a portion of a scene, and the mind puts them together. However, throughout the images there is always one piece that never gets fragmented creating a secondary focus.The pictures seem to in turn bring the question of seeing back on the viewer of the pictures. Self referential as in self consciousness with a touch of, (and I quote a saying), " when you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back".

All the images in the gallery sections are available as, 13" x19" and 17"x22" edition prints on museum quality digital archive luster paper. The prints are dated, titled, and signed in-verso.

PleaseContact me if you are interested in adding them to your art collection.